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Xiamen animation won the highest national award

Updated: 2012-02-28 17:13

 “The Vocation Experiences of Xing Xing Fox”, an animation made by Xiamen Bluebird Cartoon Co .Ltd., won the Chinese TV Star Award on Feb. 27.
Founded in 1987, the Chinese TV Star Award is a governmental award sponsored by The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. It is as famous as the “Fei Tian Award” and “Hua Biao Award”. As the top award of Chinese Television Arts, it involves a variety shows, songs, dances, music, and animations and so on.
“The Vocation Experiences of Xing Xing Fox” is the first vocational experimental animation for children in China. In the story, the main protagonist Xing Xing fox is able to change his physical form with the help of a Dream Book. He experiences hundreds of professions as a pilot, explorer, and conductor and so on. He resolves many problems then with his courage and wisdom, and experiences the joys and hardships of each profession.